JSON file skipping frames, choppy when scrolling

Hello, im an animator at an agency and im trying to work with our web dev to produce a smooth animation when scrolling on a website. Ive made a version in AE that works fine as its all AE objects. The issue comes in when im trying to give him a .json file that is made up of images (jpgs to be exact). It just does not scroll the same as the one made out of AE objects. Its choppy at low speeds and sometimes skips a few frames. Is it something I can fix on my end? or is this something he will have to adjust on the website?

It’s likely because you’ve included the JPG’s in the JSON file which will increase the file size and make things load slower. Does it run smoothly after it goes through 1 cycle after it’s cached? You could try to force it to load on website load so that by the time the user scrolls it’s already loaded.

Cheers for the response man, I thought I had to include the jpgs in the JSON file when exporting? when I don’t allow it to export with the jpgs, it fills the scene with placeholder images. Ill ask the web dev about that next part man! I use bodymovn to export my JSON files

Would you mind if we jumped on a call by chance? just to make sure im exporting it correctly?

@irbypace im happy to flick you some cash over paypal if you’re able to jump on discord at a time that suits you to just run through what im attempting and seeing where the issue may be? Im sure this is an easy fix situation, im just really wanting to get this up and running.

Hey. Didn’t see your messages till the tagged one. Sure I can jump on discord with you. DM me your name on there :slight_smile:

@irbypace cheers man! JesseJawford#3295 is my discord. Im based in New Zealand so our time zones may be out of whack but just let me know when would work for you and I’ll make it happen.

Cool. Sent you a request on there