Json File Stutter On Safari

Hi, I exported my afterf effects animation using Bodymovin to create a Json File. This Json file is 153KB in size. This file works perfectly on chrome but stutters on Safari. We tried using a code editor to change the json file to animated SVG which done minimal improvement and we cant figure out how to change ti from SVG to canvas images as a forum suggested. Can anyone help?

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After the loop is it smooth or is it off the entire time?

I’ve had this happen before, how many layers does it have? Or Pre-Comps?

Hey, Thanks for the response! After the loop its still stuttering, ive let it loop for a while now. The anitmation has 3 pre comps and 17 layers (including pre comps) These layers are shapes that do a minalistic animation ( Moving from A to B and Scaling up or down in size)

Have you tried placing them all on the same timeline/comp?