Is it possible to make Pablo the flamingo in Lottiefiles?

Hi all,

I am new here. Discovered Lottie in a search for a way to give our new app a bit more juice without exploding low quality images and movies.

Since I am not familiar too much with Lottiefiles and the ecosystem in general I am hoping to gain some knowledge and connections here on this forum.

One of the first questions is, if it would be possible to make Pablo the flamingo in Lottifiles. you can see him dancing on and if so, will this take a lot of time and therefore investment to do?


You can certainly bring Pablo the flamingo as a Lottie animation. Here’s a simplified guidelines on the process:

  1. Design and Create: Design the animation, and for this, you can use Adobe After Effects (AE). Export your design as JSON using the LottieFiles AE plugin.
  2. Host on LottieFiles: Upload the JSON animation to your LottieFiles workspace. You can preview and enable the asset link.
  3. Optimize for Performance: Consider reducing the Lottie file size with our file optimizer, which can be found here: Optimize Lottie Files. This step is crucial for improving your app’s performance.
  4. Implementation: Once your animation is ready, integrate it into your app using the methods described in this article: Adding Lottie Animations to Websites and Mobile App Design Mockups.

Feel free to explore these resources and let us know if you have additional questions. Good luck with your project!

Hi @Sebas I can totally help you make this a reality if you want to DM me