Could Canva premium users can benefit from free Lottie files for Youtube videos?

Hello, as a pro member in Canva, I really enjoy using the elements provided by the Lottie files plugin, the elements are awesome and easy to work & customize.

I was curious to know, if I could use the elements by Lottie files for my YouTube videos even if I am a free Lottie member, but I am a premium Canva member ? Do I need to take any additional action for avoiding the fear of breaking copyright use of Lottie Files ?

Thanks a lot, Jim

Hey @JimShapedCoding

Yes, you can use Lottie animations in your YouTube videos even with a free LottieFiles account. The public animations on LottieFiles are covered under the Lottie Simple License, which allows for easy and free usage. You can read more about the Lottie Simple License term here: LottieFiles License Page.