How to solve PNG Sequence Issue?


Lottie Plugin doesn’t work when I exported with PNG sequence.
It shows nothing in the website.

Do you know how to solve it?

Hello, @hyunji

Most probably PNG sequence is not supported correctly, so I’d advise to import images not as a sequence and placing one image per frame.

Great Thanks!
Do you know how to align the images?

There are numerous plugins for this purpose, but I use pt_ShiftLayers from aescripts. It is available for free and instructions for usage are present there too.

Hi Hyunji, checking to see if you have managed to resolve the issue. If you need further assistance, can you please share the .aep file so we can help to inspect this further?

Sure, How can I share a file?

could you please send it to

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Was there any point in wasting your own and other people’s time if you could immediately write to technical support?

Is the purpose of this community solely to demand efficiency? And are you commenting just to criticize me?

Thanks for the information about the plugin! It helped me resolve the issue easily. Have a great day!

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