Lottie not exporting bitmap images (just stopped working)

Hi everone! Ok so I an After Effects file with a sequence of pngs that create an animation. Its a very simple file. I exported as a json file last night a few times and it was working perfectly and then what felt like out of nowhere Lottie stopped including the bitmap images in the export. I have checked the Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network so its on but I do not think its working because when I hit the recheck button in Lottie the error persists even after making sure it is checked. I have also made sure Select to include rasterized images encoded in JSON is turned on but still not exporting correctly. Can anything help? Is this an issue with the latest Lottie update? Thanks!

I’m using the latest version of After Effect 22.6.4 and Lottie. I tried the previous version of AE and reinstalled Lottie twice but still not including images. :pensive: