How to optimize images in Lottiefiles extension for AE?

Hi! :slight_smile: I use lottie animation with scroll on my website

In bodymovin extention for AE all is simple, there I can optimize my images and controll the filesize. But bodymoving extention doesn’t support animation on scroll. Is not it?

So it’s because I use Lottifiles extention. But Lottiefiles doesn’t support image optimization. It exports to json or .lottie only with included images.

For example, Before I import images to AE it filesize is 600 kb.
After export through Lottiefiles the filesize reaches to 1.4 mb. And in this case I don’t use any animation.

Why is that?
Is there a way I can optimize my images and use scroll animation?

I find this amazing script with smooth scroll

But i can’t figure out how to include animation from bodymovin(with optimized images), not from lottiefiles