Assets stack up on a top left corner for milliseconds when loading

Hey Guys, I need a help. I have exported the lotties(Json) from after effects for web. But theres just a minor glitch in some of them. Whenever i preview those animation on lottiepreview or upload on webflow for a millisecond all the asset stack on the top left corner then animation starts to play. Some of animation which i exported are fine but some of them have this issue. I check all the settings everything is same.

When creating the AE animation, did you use comps to nest the elements?

yup i did. But there also some animation where i pre-comp elements and i don’t see any issue at all.

I’ve noticed that if it’s super complex or lots of pre-comps then it’ll do that flashing/loading thing. But if you place the items in the same comp, without nesting, but with grouping then you wont see that weird load/flashing.

And it’s not 100% of the time. Sometimes you can comp things and it wont do it, but in the instances where I’ve seen it, it is usually because of a higher amount of pre-comps and complexity.

I hope that helps.

Thanks man it works.