Gradient fills add a third 'middle' colour

Does anybody know why Lottie seems to add a third middle stop on a gradient fill? And is there a way to remove or override this?

In After Effects, there are just two colour stops, both at 100% opacity at either end of the gradient ramp

In Lottie, there are three colours, with the third colour being the halfway point

I need this lottie file to be easily editable with different colours on the gradient, so adding a third middle colour makes it overly complicated.

Any suggestions on how to avoid this?

I did some testing and my results show that third color added to the “unique colors” panel in the Lottie Editor is the “color midpoint” of the gradient in After Effects. For some reason, Lottie is interpreting the color midpoint as a full-color stop. Maybe it’s a way to smooth out the gradient in the Lottie render. The purpose of the color midpoint in AE is to handle the interpolation between the two colors this gives you the flexibility to alter the value of the midpoint to affect the smoothness of the gradient.