Gradient Black and White Issue

Hello, I’ve started recently to create some animation to lottie using the bodymovin/lottiefiels plugin.
Every time I create an animation with gradient color in shapes, it becomes black and white gradient when I export the file through those plugins.
I’ve searched the whole internet, I tried to name the layer “Gradient fill”, save the file before I export, re-open AE - but nothing works.
If someone know about any new trick that might possibly worked - please let me know! I’m frustrated…

Hello, I have the same issue! I tried everything and all the gradient and drop shadow effects are missing.

Effects that are manipulated in the “Effect Controls” such as Drop Shadow, aren’t supported by Lottie format.
@barzamir10 @magicflowstudio

Hey people in black and white,
You maybe use AE in foreign language, could solve this issue by turning the software in English