Lottie After-Effects

  1. When I export from After Effects all gradients turn to a solid color?

As per Lottie documentation, Lottie does not support “CC Effects” so forget about Gradient Ramp. If you want to apply gradient then create a shape and apply to fill as gradient which works perfectly even you can animate, check the AE file attached.

  1. When I get the JSON output after Effect and enter the site, the gradient color breaks down. Where does my problem come from?

These type of multi gradients are not supported by Lottie yet! Try using only 2 colors and check the lottie output. If you have just two colors and it’s become grey, just save the project and close AE, after open again and it will work.

  1. Why puppet after effect not working in LottieFiles ?

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  1. I have created an animation in AE and downloaded the JSON file from Lottie plugin. It works well with Figma except the animation kept looping and I couldn’t find a way to stop that looping. And the loop button shown in the plugin doesn’t work either.

There are some effects from AE that are not supported by Lottie Android.

  1. I have installed the extension LottieFiles but I saw a blank screen when opening it. The captured screen is placed below for your reference. My After Effect version is

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  1. I’m trying to create a Lottie file through after effects but the file is always very heavy like 16MB. I tried to change the resolution of the video and the fps but it doesn’t change a lotDo you have any advice to give me that could improve that?

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  1. Creative Cloud throws an error when installing plugins after rolling back AE versions, how can I resolve this?

Open Creative Cloud desktop, go to Marketplace > Manage Plugins and uninstall LottieFiles for After Effects. Reinstall and reactivate.

It is difficult to handle gradation.
Export JSON data for Lottie.
It’s difficult now.

There are other specifications that cannot be supported.

The important and bottleneck is the effects in general.

You should be able to guide the reflection in the animation.