Gradient color stop bug? help

Gradients have always been problematic- whenever I want to use a gradient I’d have to change the color decimals in the code.
Now i’ve encountered a new problem, The exported lottie seems to have messed up color stops and transparancy, mismatching the source in the editor, here’s an image from inside after effects:

and here’s the exported result: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

At first I tried having my Cyan color go from 100% opacity to 0 Opacity, but the exported Lottie seemed to have just ignored the opacity part and displayed the color fully throughout.

  • After that I tried going from 100% cyan to 100% of that background color, to give the illusion of 100% to 0% opacity. You can see the result is unchanged, something is telling it to act this way even though the source says otherwise, I don’t know what it is.

Anyone got any ideas? is this a legitimate bug or just a misunderstanding on my part?
here’s the color code in the lottie: