First vertex of path is removed when exporting from AE

I am having an issue with the exportation of my animation, from After Effects to Lottiefiles.
I created an animation of a shopping cart morphing into a piggy bank. It is one same layer, containing 5 different paths (named after the shopping cart elements). There is no automatic effect or anything, I did everything manually.

The pig’s body is one closed path (yes, I made sure the path is closed). Yet, when exporting to lottiefiles, the first vertex of the path is being removed.
• When I render the animation in After Effects and export it to mp4 video, there is no issue.
• When I change the first vertex to make it another point, the new first vertex is removed on the lottiefiles exportation preview, instead of the one on the screenshot.
• The first vertex is removed only on the piggy bank shape. Not on the shopping cart, which is the first shape.

Any idea of what is happening and how to fix this?
Thank you!

Update: after comparing both for some time, I concluded that Lottiefiles merges all path in one. So if two paths are on top of each other, the become one during the exportation. Meaning that if one of the path separates from the bottom one, Lottiefiles breaks the path by deleting the points that are on each edge of the separation.
Since the tail of my pig was a small path on top of the body’s, moving to morph into the tail, separately from the body, I instead let it on top of the body, copying the shape of the path below, and added the tail to the body shape (see the red line on the screenshot).

My issue is now solved.

I don’t delete this post as it might help other people in the same situation as me.