Firefox Lottie lagging - while it work smooth on Chrome and Edge

I have an issue with Firefox Browser. When I start the Lottie by scrolling the Website, it’s lagging and show white blanks between any frame, still when I let the Lottie Autoplay. Tired different exports and file sizes, but the problem didn’t get solved.

It’s quite funny that on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge the Lottie run smooth, as it should.

Here is the link to website

Lottie Made with After Effects and Export with bodymovin plugin

Anyone heard about this issue and have some solution?
Thank you in advance, appreciate any answer!

I would assume that it has to do with how Firefox renders the content and have you considered just running this as a video? It’s really cropped off at the top and the bottom too.

@irbypace Thank you for your reply.
If so I think there is no way to use a lottie like this for firefox right?

Just found out that I had the wrong lottie version in this test link. Maybe give it another try.
On Video Scroll, you’re right, this is more like a try to get a lottie work like this. With a lottie there are way more possibilities in the future with transparent backgrounds, different layers etc.

Check this as example!