Animation is choppy on Firefox

While this animation looks smooth on Crome and Edge, it’s pretty choppy in Firefox:

Any idea what’s causing the issue?

It’s only two square shapes on 75% opacity moving slowly around. No masks, mattes, effects, expressions…

Hey. It’s running smooth for me, no problems at all in Chrome or Firefox.

Are you on a Mac or PC? What’s your current Firefox version?

That’s weird…

I’m on PC, FF version 90.0.2 (64-bit)

Mac here. All the latest updates and installs.

Maybe clear your cache or do a fresh restart. I can send you a screen record of my view if you want.

Thing is, my client is having the same problem so it’s not related to a specific PC.
No need for a screen record, thanks!

Is it all lotties or just this specific one?

There was one more with the sam problem. Although, that one didn’t stutter through whole animation but on one specific spot.

And are you check other people’s lotties or just your own through Firefox? Do you want to send me the file, let me check it, and export it and see if that helps? It’s no bother on my end at all to do that.

I didn’t check other people’s files, just my own.

I can send you the AE project if that works for you?

Totally. I’ll DM you my email address.

For archiving and search purposes we couldn’t find a solution to this, outside of diagnosing the client machines themself. We tried various frame rates (24, 25, 30, 60) and different output options (BodyMovin & Lottie) with various diffent quality settings. I tried to resolve it with expressions and rebuilding it. Nothing fixed it.

I believe OP’s machines, their Firefox install, etc. might be the issue.

Unfortunately, my client is experiencing the same problem so it’s not an isolated case.

Thanks for your help, appreciate the effort!