Feasible way to make grain (shading)

Hey! I’m toying around with converting vector frame by frame animations to lottie, but converting raster grain shading to vector graphics is obviously a bad idea if you want to keep the lottie size at a minimum. Has anyone a technique for making grain shading that works? You have stuff like dissolve/dancing dissolve blending mode in AE, but does Lottie support something like this? Thanks for any ideas!

@Andreas_Pilskog we are not sure if dissolve blending mode supports the Lottie features, but you can cross check over here Lottie Supported Features

@irbypace any piece of advise for this question?

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So something like Ben Marriott? So what I would do is bring in a png of grain like as a separate layer or file. Say for example you’re trying to add grain to a box, but only on the right 1/3rd of it. Put the grain layer over the box or under and mask appropriately till you get the desired results. Then play with Hold Keyframes and changed the rotation, position, etc. to make it look like the grain is moving around or being responsive to the idea of being frame by frame. After this, during export, make sure to include additional assets is checked in the settings and it should include the grain PNG layer. This is better than converting an AI layer of hundreds of pieces of grain to a shape layer.

Keep in mind, both options will increase file size and might take some extensive testing to make it work but I am totally available to help you trouble shoot the problem once you get to the export process so feel free to message me at any point.

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Yeah exactly! Thanks for the input - I will try it out and let you know if I need more guidance in regards to file size.