Exporting problem 3D Camera Movement (z Axis) and PNGs

Hello Lottiefiles team,

I am a bit desperate and don´t know how to proceed – hope someone can help quick.
First time ever using lottiefile and I am a AE newbie as well.

So here is the thing: I have a bigger AE project (60f/s – 22 secs long) and use a 3D camera perspective animation (XYZ axis) in my project. Besides that I use some transformations, transparency, Masks (alphamatt) and only two effects (CC Power Pin & Bender). So overall not very crazy in regards of effect.

I am only using tansparent and compressed png`s, so don´t have any vector graphics / layers or object within AE composition. I do use subgroups to better navigate and manage my project. Images are around 3,5 MB in Files size.

I was double checking the list of features which is provided by lottie and didn´t find anything against my AE composition (not sure about CC PowerPin & CC BENDER as well as using a camera and Z axis transformation).

I´am exporting via Lottifiles and use “embed the images into the json files” too. Everything renders but the preview doesn´t show the composition / my AE project at all, my pngs are very big an the §D Camera movement wasn´t rendered at all.
Here is a detailed video to show my set up and final lottifile.

Video to Validate my setting

I was curious if lottiefiles doesn´t simply work and used the bodymovin plugin too. Here I do see the 3D Animation in the bodymovin render export but my png´s are completely white. So also no help.

So I really wonder what is wrong with my composition. I was thinking to import vector grafics instead of using pngs. Propably someone can recommend as well?

Many thanks for your help.

Camera, 3D, and other effects or features are not supported by Lottiefiles, please check the following link. None of the above would export by Bodymovn or Lottiefiles After Effect plugin

  1. Supported features from After Effect: here
  2. Simple direction to create Lottie Animation here


  1. Export 3D the animation as transparent video (.mov format, don’t try .avi format) or use Quick time (Mac OS only) using Adobe Media Encoder.
  2. Export the transparent video as a PNG sequence
  3. Import those PNG images in the new After Effect Composition
  4. Sequence those images [Keep each image duration/length of 1 frame. If you don’t then the file size will be larger than the video]
  5. Export the animation using Bodymovn with include images in JSON + Compress images

I hope this helps you.
Kind regards

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Great Many Thanks for your help.

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Thank You so much for sharing. It worked

Happy to help :pray: :blush:, Lottie Community. Try Lottie discord channel.