Dot lottie download not working

Hello i download some of dot lottie and they are not working with my dotlottie-web/packages/react/ at main · LottieFiles/dotlottie-web · GitHub

Some of them are working, but the majority isnt working.
here’s the file that not working:

what’s the issue here? also if i scale the lottie so big, it makes my web become so laggy

Not working file with dot lottie:

Hi @Dale_Watson

It’s possible that these files are not working because they contain unsupported features. Let me check this further with our developer.

Hi @Dale_Watson

We have reviewed the three animations you shared.

For these two animations - Gradient Dots Background and Circuit Background 2:

For this animation - 8213 Animation:

  • This animation seems to be working fine with the latest dotLottie-react.
  • Could you please provide the dotLottie-react version, whether the downloaded .lottie was optimized, and the specific issue you are facing with this animation?