Color gradient stroke exports in black and white


I designed a logo with color gradient stroke but when I export the colors turn to black and white.

Thanks for your help :pray:

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Gradients aren’t supported at this time.

Thank you for your answer. But if I refer to this link, their is a :+1: for stroke gradient so how do you know it is not supported?

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Oh weird, they must’ve updated it since I last checked. Egg on my face, but generally the gradients aren’t supported, so it must be an issue with how you applied it.

Tried this today and shape gradients as well as stroke gradients are rendered just in black and white :slightly_frowning_face: Windows, AE and lottie plugin (extension) are all in English.

Hi @Atelier_Stefan_Galle the Lottie plugin always flags an issue. Use Bodymovn plugin. Here is a sample of Gradient Stroke Animation.

The Bodymovn plugin is developed by Airbnb. Story behind the Lottie