Can't upload ZIP to lottiefiles


My workflow was always to export a json + compressed images seperately in a folder, and then use a ZIP file to upload it to my lottiefiles. But it’s not possible to upload ZIP files anymore. Is this feature coming back?



I’ve been having this same problem ever since the website updated.


@matthias.decillia I would shoot them an email over at


Any news on this subject? i need this functionality back too

I send a message to support. The answer was:

"As for now, ZIP format is not being accepted but fret not, we have highlighted this feedback to our engineers to be looked into.

Alternatively, what you can do is upload the file without zipping it till we get this issue sorted."

Sad :frowning:

Very sad, for me the answer was:

“Thanks for using LottieFiles, Our team is working on this feature for our new dashboard version. Soon it will be live.”

So hopefully will be back anytime soon!

ZIP upload is now supported on LottieFiles platform!

You can go or and drag-and-drop a ZIP file to upload.