Anyone can upload a .zip file to their dashboard? Lottie web error?

I tried to upload and animation that is in .zip file. but when press the upload button and select the .zip file, nothing happens. only can upload json files, but my animation have images so i need to upload it in a .zip file. Anyone have the same problem?

If you export it through the plugin, the images… if added correctly, will go with it. I’m pretty sure you cannot upload a zip file.

the answer seems strange to me, since last week I was able to upload an animation in ZIP without problems, I uploaded it so since at the moment uploading the file, it indicates that it can be in ZIP. and so I achieve it without any problem. however since 3 days it doesnt work

I’m sorry @gelio , I wasn’t aware of where you were trying to upload the zip file. Disregard my reply.

Hi @gelio

As discussed in the Support ticket, this is a known issue now and has escalated to our development team for further investigation.