After Effects export not showing up on mobile. Preview login fails too. help?

Hi there, my After Effects imports do not show up on mobile.
I’m not super familiar with Lottie files we only recently started to do animations in AE for exporting to Lottie.
I’m just using shape layers and normal keyframes, no expressions and no grazy things. But it keeps happening. Can’t find anything online about this and I’ve also looked at the list of what can and can’t be done while exporting to Lottie out of AE.
Our web developer doesn’t know what’s going wrong and I don’t know either.
On laptop its not a problem.

Also I can’t login with the corporate mail to the lottie page to test it on mobile myself. Even not when clicking “login with your organizations email”. Tho I am using the mail right now on their website and also here. The account is payed on this mail so idk why it doens’t work for previewing the mobile versions.
“your email is not configured to the SSO Login. Please check with your organisations admin or log in using other methods.” it says
So I tried using gmail but also here it fails and says “you don’t have permission to view this page” after scanning the QR code. Probably because the account is set (and payed for so can’t change it) to the corporate mail of the company I’m working for.

Can anyone help me fixing these problems?

Hello DogLikesBest@Wajn,

Export Settings: When exporting from After Effects to Lottie, ensure that you’ve selected the appropriate export settings. Specifically, make sure that you’ve checked the option to include assets in JSON and that the “Skip exporting of images” is unchecked.
Confirm that you’re exporting shape layers and normal keyframes without any complex expressions or other advanced features.
Preview Login Issues: Regarding the login issue, it seems you’re encountering problems when trying to preview animations on the Lottie website using your corporate email.
The error message suggests that your email is not configured for Single Sign-On (SSO). You might need to check with your organization’s admin to ensure that your email is properly set up for SSO login.
If SSO login isn’t an option, try logging in using alternative methods (such as Gmail) to see if that resolves the issue.
Permissions and Account Setup: The fact that you’re unable to view the page after scanning the QR code could indeed be related to account permissions.
Since the account is tied to your corporate email, changing it might not be feasible. However, you can still try using a different email (like Gmail) for testing purposes.
If the issue persists, consider reaching out to Lottie support or your organization’s IT team for further assistance.
Community Support: You’re not alone in facing these challenges. Other users have also encountered similar issues on the LottieFiles forum.
Feel free to join the discussion there, share your experience, and seek advice from fellow animators and developers.

Remember that Lottie animations can be finicky, but with some patience and troubleshooting, you’ll likely find a solution.

Best Regards,