Zoom effect not appearing in render

Hi amazing community, Its my first time here but I am having an Issue. I used the magnify effect on an adjustment layer in one of my animation. Unfortunately, when I rendered to lottie, this has disappear. Is this not possible. If it isn’t, is there a way I could manipulate and solve this. Thanks.


Magnify like many effects is not supported by Lottie.
You maybe can do the trick with alpha masks, but you will not have the bulge distort principle.

Hmm, thanks for taking the time to reply I really appreciate that. How do I alpha-mask it… The idea is to say a text, I place the search icon on it and I want the icon to go over all the letters. as it goes over each letter, it magnifies it. so what do you think thomas?

Here the idea:

Duplicate your text layer and increase his size, use a shape (a circle) as alpha matte, next apply the same mask in inverted alpha matte for the original size layer.
Then make the search icon follow the shape animation.

Here is what I am receiving Thomas, it is not totally smooth. Is there something I can do to this so the magnified text will only be visible when the search icon get there. do you think masking the bigger text will work then the mask also animated?

Thanks @thomas.bne it worked masking it, when I am done, I will get back to you if it renders perfectly so others can benefit from this. Thanks so much for the idea.

It didn’t render perfectly as a Lottie. thanks though

3D layers wont work for the format

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