LottieFiles plugin not rendering Alpha Stencil

I’m attempting to create a few animations for my website and one in particular has me stumped because I can’t seem to render the single Alpha Stencil shape layer properly. I want the animations to be transparent so that the gradient on the background of my site can show through the animation. I was able to figure out a workaround to make the individual animations work the way I want, but there is still one piece that requires a mask/alpha stencil blending. In the attached photo, the red area in the Lottie preview is what I would like removed, (the After Effects preview is what I would like the final to look like, with the black being transparent.

Any tips or other workarounds people know about would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

Can you send me a link to the uploaded JSON?

@john5 Did you ever figure this out?

How did you resolve it?
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