Unto (CTRL+Z) Not working?

Undo doesn’t seem to work in the creator? Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?

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I can’t use the “undo” function through my keyboard either

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Hi @Stjepan @Holger

I’ve just tested the undo function (Ctrl + Z), and it seems to be functioning properly on my end. Are you still experiencing any difficulties with it?

I face the same issue. I am on:
Windows 11
Chrome: Version 122.0.6261.112 (Official Build) (64-Bit)

When trying to undo an action using Ctrl + z nothing happens.

I am using the lotti creator for the first time so maybe i am missing something?

Could it be that the lottie creator is in general not optimized for chrome or windows? There are quite a few other things that don’t seem to work quite right. Like the animation shown in the preview player and the one i see when moving the handle in the tracks are quite different as well. Some animations get recognized while others are entirely ignored while editing and only “work right” when viewing in the preview.

Thank you @Harald , @Holger and Stjepan (sorry can’t tag more than 2 people)

We actually do testing on Chrome and Windows, so I doubt that is the issue. Can either of you please tell me a specific sequence of actions in which Undo didn’t work for you? Do you remember what you did and couldn’t undo it?

Thank you

In my case i import a svg. Add scale animation. Add keyframes. Update the target keyframe scale. Then try to undo using Ctrl + z until i get back to the start. Everything stays the same though. I am not sure that this might be related to me not using the canvas for changing the scale in this case but using the input in the bottom left corner where i also added the keyframes.

same here on a mac with chrome and firefox

We’ve identified the issue and are currently addressing it in the next two sprints.
Thank you so much for your patience and continued support.