Transparent background bug

Hello, when I try to modify this background in transparent, it appear Black and i can’t export it in the right way Hamburger Menu on Lottiefiles. Free Lottie Animation . Can someone help me?


How do you modify it? Go to editor and hide the background layer, that’s all.


there’s a bug. I can erase it only in Gif mode. I need this in lottiesfile, white elements and clear background, but i can’t do it


I agree, colors are editable, but can’t put alpha in the Editor, it look like a bug. And all shapes are in the same layer so…

You can import the animation in after effect to remove the background
Or… there are plenty of similar animations on Lottiefiles.)

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You can do it in Charlottie quickly. Download an edited animation here.

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Thank you so much! Can someone report the bug?