The lottie I downloaded and imported is not the same as the lottie on the website

Problems occur with the file I download, but when I download the same file from my friend’s computer, the problem disappears. I don’t know why. I am aware of the problem on my computer, but I don’t know how to solve it. I didn’t have this problem before.

When I download any lottie and export anywhere:
Ekran Resmi 2024-04-18 13.06.39

Hello, @Melih

First, I’d check the files you downloaded from different locations with a tool like Winmerge or its online version, but I don’t think this is the problem.

When you ensure files are equal come back here and tell us

  1. what is the difference between files on your site
  2. did you try to place simultaneously both files on the same page

i have similar issue
on left side is web with lootie file
on right side is iOS example app where im trying using that file
dont know why it diferent?

diferent files are producing similar errors

Actually, I asked my friend to download it and send it to me so that I can examine the problem between the two files. The difference between the two files is that a lottie downloaded from my computer is incorrect, while a lottie downloaded from his computer works normally. The problem I am looking for is that as @Martin3 wrote, every lottie I download is downloaded incorrectly and this tires me a lot. Because this problem is happening on my computer and not on another computer. But I can’t understand why the lotties are downloading incorrectly and it’s not in my email because I have tried several different emails.

Hello, @Martin3

The thing is that Lottie files can be made with some features supported on the web but not supported on mobile devices, and in the common case it looks like this

So if you download such a file - check the specifications.