LottieFiles: .JSON code different after export

Hi! I’ve come across a problem that initially wasn’t there. I used to export my Lotties from AE and then would edit them with LottieFiles. Just edit a few color changes. Exporting this new .json would give me the exact same code, apart from the colors ofc. This was back in july 2022.

I just noticed that when I edit my .json files now and export them I get back a completely different code than the one I export from AE. See attached image. This is a problem because the app developer couldn’t implement this new code. The app shows a blank illustration.

Is there a way to fix this? Thanks in advance!

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Export with updated Bodimovin plug in or Lottiefile plugin. Also you should use after effect source file. If you import json to after effect using Bodimovin plugin then you will get the problem.