Animation is not working in ios, works fine in android and lottie Editor

I have lottie file which is partially working on iOS view controller. Some animation is showing some part is just showing black. so the dot on the character i is animating but rest animation of PINK is not showing. Using latest version 3.4.1. Check Image

self.backLottieAnimation.frame = self.view.bounds
self.backLottieAnimation.contentMode = .scaleAspectFit =
backLottieAnimation.loopMode = .playOnce

How are you animating it? Do you have a link to the JSON?

I m animating via JSON file and JSON is manually added in the code.

Here is my JSON File, Dot on the i is moving but rest is not.

Can you share already uploaded to lottie website?

Your animation has effects that are not supported by the iOS library. Try to avoid AE effects.

Hey @ansh7.jain

Here’s a list of what works and what does not with iOS