Animation is not working in ios, works fine in android and lottie Editor

I have lottie file which is partially working on iOS view controller. Some animation is showing some part is just showing black. so the dot on the character i is animating but rest animation of PINK is not showing. Using latest version 3.4.1. Check Image

self.backLottieAnimation.frame = self.view.bounds
self.backLottieAnimation.contentMode = .scaleAspectFit =
backLottieAnimation.loopMode = .playOnce

How are you animating it? Do you have a link to the JSON?

I m animating via JSON file and JSON is manually added in the code.

Here is my JSON File, Dot on the i is moving but rest is not.

Can you share already uploaded to lottie website?

Your animation has effects that are not supported by the iOS library. Try to avoid AE effects.