Stroke not working

Hello, I am having a problem when I convert my animation to JSON. The stroke effect works well in my preview… however, it does not work for export.

Hello, @Imarui_Litoral

The issue you’re experiencing with the stroke effect not exporting correctly in JSON format is a common challenge when working with animations. It seems that the stroke effect is visible in the preview within your design software, but it’s not appearing as expected in the exported JSON file.

Based on the search results, it appears that certain features like stroke width animation may not be supported when exporting to JSON format using tools like Bodymovin. JSON animation has its limitations, and not all effects can be exported directly. You may need to recreate the stroke effect using supported features or convert the stroke path into shape keyframes for compatibility with JSON format.

I hope this info is helpful to you.

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Make sure you’re using shape layers for stroke, and not the stroke found in Effects > Generate