Space around Lottie animation

i am implementing a Lottie animation on my website,
however i can’t figure out how to remove the white space around the svg.
here’s an image of the white space:

Is it possible to just have the image and not the white space?

thanks in advance

I was running in to the same issue for the mobile assets. Web was working fine and cropping correctly. It looks like Lottie pads the animations some what. Have you tried scaling up your animation to fit in the full 300x300 square the best it can? If that’s too large then try making the comp size smaller but filling it the best you can. Hope that helps.

Am i supposed to do that with css or on this website?
if css, what do i have to select?

Thanks in advance

Sorry, that I am not sure. I do the animations in After Effect and Illustrator and then export for the developers. So i would fix it there. Have you tried the Lottie Editor?

tried changing the size,
the padding stays.