Lottie dimensions in Mobile

I have an animation I made in After Effects and exported through the Lottie Plug-in. Animation looks great, everything is working on the web side for the dimensions. The animation is 1028x812. But for some reason when dropped in mobile the animation is sitting in a square container and it is adding all of this space to the top of the animation. I can’t figure out why. Every place I look at the dimensions, it’s saying its the 1028x812 size. Any ideas?

Hi Jamie.

The this may be related to how your layout is structured. The animation usually fits to the closest dimension and pads in the other. You can adjust this behaviour on Android by playing with the adjustViewBounds and scaleType parameters for the view, much like a standard ImageView

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OK, thank you Kudanai! I’ll will work with the developers and see if we can adjust in those areas.