Some part of animation becomes blank from lottie player version 1.6.1

This is example of animation.

Lottie-web works, but Lottie-player doesn’t work for some part.

  • Lottie json file was generated by AfterEffect plugin.
  • Lottie-player from 1.6.1 start having issue.
  • Lottie-player 1.6.0 working as expected.

I need to update version of Lottie-player and want to avoid using lottie-web.
How to fix it with latest version of Lottie-player?
What was changed between 1.6.0 and 1.6.1?

It looks to me like there might be a masking issue involved. Might be best to go back through the file and work out the Alpha mattes

It seems that track matte feature in AE is reason for this bug. Track matte in AE23 isn’t supported by lottie-player.
Is there solution for this?
What I tried is converting project to AE22 and generate lottie json file. But it doesn’t work with latest version of lottie-player.

I think the latest BodyMovin might support the trackmatte. Otherwise you’ll have to do it the old way of layer mask on top of the animation layer.