Should I use .ai or .svg files?

I am currently doing some animations with After Effect and I wonder if I should use .ai or .svg files to then use it with Lottiesfiles?
The aim is to keep the animation with the vectors I made on Illustrator.

What would be the most optimized files? Thank you!

Hello Ciara, Im not really the best person to answer you this, but when you import archives from illustrator to after effects you can create a vector layer from the archive in the comp or if you are using Bodymovin, you have to make sure when you render to check the option “Include in json” on the settings>Assets. But illustrator files render on the json without rasterizing, loosing quality or making the json heavy, so feel safe to use the illustrator files directly on after.
(Im not native English so sorry if there’s any problem with this)

Hi Ciara, if you are looking for more customise animation, you can use .ai for after effects and convert illustration file to shape in AE before you animate for LottieFiles.

But if you are looking for some simple animation, there are SVG presets with Lottie (Convert SVG to Lottie), then drag and drop your .svg file to test it out.

Hope this helps :blush:

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