Shopify says noooo. Lottie and Shopify

So I ask Shopify is there a best practice for how to install lottie files on Shopify. Shopify says nooooo…you’ll need to ask an expert. Aparently know one knows.

Can I get some guidence on how this is supposed to work?

Thank you in advance


Don’t they have an HTML widget to paste the code in? The one generated using the WebPlayer: Lottie Web Player - Lottiefiles

So you just need to copy and past the lottie player code in the header section of your html page.

and then copy and paste the html script of your animation below the header section (where every you want to place it on the page)

From Lottie Web Player - Lottiefiles

Easy when you know how…

So I have the same issue, I embedded the lottie webplayer in the site but when I preview it on mobile it is not responsive at all, this is weird, here is a 40 sec vid of what I mean. Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software