How to load Lottie file on web without player UI?

Is is possible to put Lottie files on the web and email without the player UI? If so, where can I get instructions? Thank you, Jeanne Martin

The player UI? When you build your content/website you put the JSON file in and you won’t see an interface for playing or pausing the animation.

Irby, thank you for answering my call for help. I must be missing something. What I would like to do is add lottie files to Klaviyo emails and Wordpress and shopify sites if I am doing it myself. More likely I will be providing Lotties to cleint’s developers. I am not a coder but did take a bit of an online development course and still had some of the HTML files on my drive to test the Lottie file with exported code from the web player for an experiment.My attachment shows the player UI is under my graphic. I also have a screen shot of the HTML doc with the code pasted in. Right now I am trying to get through the process of creating and posting as a test so I know how to do it for clients.