Profile page missing [Solved]

I am unable to view my profile page, the page doesn’t load and gives me the “oops” error. As you can see by the screenshots below, my profile is inaccessible via desktop (All browsers) and mobile (All browsers). I am able to access my dashboard via desktop and mobile sites and I am able to see my profile via the LottieFiles mobile apps.

Though I am able to access other creator profiles via desktop and mobile browsers

This happens when I am signed in as well when I am signed out. I appreciate all your help.

Hey there, could you try again? Seems like the “/” at the beginning of URL was the issue.

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Hi @nattu thanks for your help. It appears the problem was fixed and my page loads properly now. I don’t know how that extra “/” was added to the link. I use a bookmark shortcut for my profile link. So I have been clicking the same link for months and this just happened randomly yesterday. Other people faced the same issue as well when trying to access my profile. Glad its fixed, thanks for your help