Preview Library Broken?

The pagination in the preview library appears to be completely busted. I’m unable to advance past page 1, even though the link (on hover) shows that it’s going to call page=2 (tried through page 6).

Am I going crazy, or is someone else having this same issue?

Edit - the preview library is now called “My Private Animations”, and that’s where I’m having the pagination issue.

It looks like the pagination is trying to use the old preview library links - Free Lottie Animation Files, Tools & Plugins - LottieFiles - if I modify this to: - I can get it to manually pull up different pages.

I noticed that and am having the same issue as well. I think it’s a bug since they just updated the look and functions of the site. But I could be mistaken.

Agreed. Copying the link from pagination and changing “preview” to “private” made it work for me.

Yeah, it only works for me if I manually insert the page number, otherwise the buttons just keep going to the first page.

Hey there @irbypace and @dustin could you kindly drop an email to
with a screen recording of the issue?
I couldn’t replicate the issue using my profile.
I am getting directed to Free Lottie Animation Files, Tools & Plugins - LottieFiles and not //

Did you try to clear the browser history and cache?

@nick Just emailed a screen recording to you!

Hi @dustin @irbypace Our team has fixed the issue. Could you try to clear your browser history and cache then give it another try?

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@nick Thanks! It’s working great on my end.