Plagiarism and reposting of my original animation

Hi everyone. Someone blatantly copied my animation and posted it as theirs. They credited me but even misspelled my name. Does anyone know where I can report that?

@evaschicker2012 if you’re on the discord channel you can use the iconscout-feedback channel to alert them. I can also tag @nick about this as well.


@evaschicker2012 go to the animation that they have copied, scroll down and hit the report animation button. Do provide the details like the link to the original animation. Our team will look into it and take the necessary action.

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@nick Thank you for your great suggestion. I will do so!

It’s common issue. if you have a lot of animation, you cant track your animation. Some creator create take your json file and after edit color or some element deleted from animation and publish on their profile. it’s really difficult to track original content.