Multi-layers from SVGs?

So I guess I’m missing something, but I have a SVG comprised of many elements that I want to animate individually. I’m exporting them from XD to individual SVGs or as a single SVG, but Lottie doesn’t seem to be able to work like this? Surely you can just import multiple SVGs and then start animating. Why can’t you import multiple SVGs to create layers? Also, is there another way I’m missing where you can export layers and then import these to use in the EDITOR. I can see an example in the editor with layers, so I know it’s possible to have “layers”. It seems like there is a missing part to this puzzle?

Where are you trying to upload the SVG’s? I usually take the SVGs and make each element a layer in Illustrator then animate it in After Effects

In the Lottie editor. I want to start with SVGs and finish with an animation I can use in XD or directly in Code. Do you really need to use after effects at all? Seems like an oversight if the editor is capable to directly use and animate layers and export it to various platforms but you can’t actually create the layers anywhere? It even inside the web editor?

I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t used the web editor yet, I thought you were referencing making it through After Effects. Best of luck :slight_smile:

Hi, @john3.
I am developing Lottie editor for iOS/macOS - Charlottie.
You can convert your svg to lottie json and then open it in my application and animate your layers.