Lottiefiles players don't run on AJAX success

I’m using the Lottiefiles Wordpress plugin to add players to post content, but the theme I’m using employs AJAX to load content dynamically when you navigate from one post / page to the next, rather than actually firing a new page load event. As a result, when the new content is loaded in, the players don’t auto-run as they’re set to play on page load (at least I presume that’s the issue). Manually refreshing the page in browser gets everything back to working as intended.

I’ve tried enqueuing what I think are the necessary scripts and styles from the plugin directory in the child theme’s function.php file, thinking that might get things moving, but either I’m missing some or that’s not the issue. These are the scripts / styles currently loading:

  • frontend-helper.js?ver=6.1.1
  • frontend-helper.js?ver=52a84b0e5fbe4953e4b3
  • lottiefiles-interactivity.js
  • lottiefiles-frontend.css.css?ver=6.1.1
  • lottiefiles-frontend.css.css?ver=52a84b0e5fbe4953e4b3

Any idea how I can get the players running on AJAX success would be greatly appreciated.


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Not a fix per se, but worth noting that if I add the players via the actual standard script embed inside WP HTML blocks they work fine on an AJAX load, so I guess it’s an issue with the Lottiefiles plugin itself.