Lottie plays on page load instead of waiting to be scrolled into view

Here’s my script, why is the lottie playing on page load instead of waiting until it is scrolled into view? Please help!

  actions: [
      visibility: [0.1, 0.2],
      type: "stop",
      frames: [0]
      visibility: [0.2, 0.45],
      type: "seek",
      frames: [0, 113]
      visibility: [0.45, 1.0],
      type: "stop",
      frames: [113, 228]

Would this page help you out?

Thank you for responding, but that is the page I copied my code from. I have since checked the Console on Chrome and see I’m getting an error that the player is invalid. I’m not sure why, I have it set up with an ID and am using the player code from the page you mentioned.

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Hey @bhawk I found this video tutorial, maybe that will help?

Also, as a work around I used to just add a delay on the animations, like 3-4 seconds, to get around that.

Thank you @irbypace … I’ve realized the problem is happening in Chrome only. But your work around sounds like a good idea.

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Awesome! Glad to help out!