LottieFiles out of memory on Win 10 8GB ram AE 13 and 14

Hi Team,

Experiencing dramatic memory consumption on Bodymovin and LittieFiles plugins (actually Bodymovin-TG experiencing the same) : it is consuming all my memory with CEPHTMLEngine process. Like 1GB per second and could eat up to 9GB. Next - Windows going to be unresponsive and doing OOM tasks by killing it.

To reproduce issue I need open fresh project, draw any simple path (or nothing at all) and click on Window - Extensions - Bodymovin or LottieFiles. Just opening window of plugin is enough, also without any project.

Setting “Allow Access to files and network” is enabled. This issue repeated in versions of After Effects from 2023 to any of 2024. OS is Windows 10 with latest updates on 8GB RAM.

When it is happening bodymovin / Lottiefiles is undocked, extension window unresponsive and killing this CEPHTMLEngine from processes in Task Manager making this window without content but responsive and could be closed. Antivirus is standard MS Defender.

Happy to help with Zoom/Skype window sharing to demonstrate and debug.

Screenshot 2024-03-04 153057 - AE Versions tried