LottieFiles on Adobe XD asking for uppdate but i have latest

The Adobe XD plugin has stopped working. It’s asking for mandatory update 3.0.2 which is not available to download or install.

I have installed the latest version via Adobe Creative Cloud, and that’s 3.0.1.


well apparently if you click Update Now it give you the 3.0.2 v, install it and voila

Nope, nothing happens when you click the update now button. It switches to the browser, but then nothing.

I had to find the download page manually.

And even the download via Adobe Exchange links to 3.0.1 version, so that’s also bad.

PS. I realized the browsers downloaded the file in the background every time. So the link worked, just the UX in my browser was bad. DS.

I have the file now, about 10 of them… :confused: