LottieFile in next.js Webcore vitals performance issue

Hello everyone, I’m working with my team with lottiefiles and it’s quite new for us. We have 3 lottiefiles on our Homepage and we tested the webcore vital of our website and we realised that without Lottiefiles we were scoring a score of 80+ % of performance but whenever we add lottiefiles we dropping to 45-55% of performance.

I’m using next.js 11 with the react-lottie, we have hearded alot of good word about lottie files but as we can see the webcore vital are dropping like hell. Anyone have faced this problems or if anyone could help us out how or why it is dropping.

Bumping this so more people see it.

Hi @dev1
Can you please share the web page and link to the Lottie animations you used?

Here is the developpement of our rebranding. the lottiefiles is in the second section with the gsap slider right after the Hero section.


Thanks for your time and hope it can help any one.

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Site looks awesome (visually) I’m eager to hear what help can be offered about the performance rating. @dev1

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Bumping it so more people can see it, thanks everyone in advance :slight_smile: