Lottie money hire me vs paid downloads

Hey, im starting at marketplace, my question is, You use this website to make money from your downloads or the income is bigger with the “Hire me” option?
And how is your experience of earning money with lotties?

My first pack of animation in the marketplace is still being reviewed after two weeks which is even slower than the time my games being reviewed by the App Store. Lottie requires at least 5 pcs of animation in a pack - I think that multiplies the uncertainty of approval and the start-up time cost. I don’t know why the idea of listed by pack but sold in pcs.

For my experience, ‘Hire me’ needs more time than I expected for communication - settling clear instructions, milestone/goals, budgets, even though you can reply to the email in a minute, it takes your brain RAM in the background for days, and beware of the payment is not monitored and you have the risk of working for free and waiting for salary for a long time - that takes RAM, too.

It’s hard to define what ‘bigger’ is without the time frame, for the long run, I prefer passive income which is ‘from downloads’ in this case although it’s 0 at this posting moment, if you want instant money by selling your time, go for ‘Hire me’ if you don’t mind spending more time with the communication, calculate that into your hourly rate if that’s possible. Or maybe paste a link to where simplifies the communication, minimalizes the guesswork, and ensures you will get paid.