Lottie in Email Signatures

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Hope everyone is well in 2021 too.

I was wondering, is there any way to use Lottie animations in EMAIL SIGNATURES?
I did a small research about Lottie implementation in HTML and I found it extremely useful, however I did not find the exact answer what I´m looking for…

I would be very glad if my question will be answered:
I know for certain, that .GIF files are accepted in email signatures, but what a bout Lottie-s?

Thank you in advance,


Hi nestorkrs,

As Lottie is dependent on external javascript libraries, emails doesn’t support Lottie right now.

Hi Nattu!

Thank you for your proper answer, highly appreciated.

I hope in the future this will change, and somehow smart people like yourself,
can work it out :slight_smile:

Have a great day

We wish for a day for email clients to support embedded JS.

In the mean time you could try converting your Lottie animations to GIF via

Thank you

Yes, I’m aware of that, and already done it