Lottie embedding not working

Embedding a lottie in an <iframe> does not display it correctly.
Does anyone know what it is?

<iframe src="https://embed.lottiefiles.com/animation/78003"></iframe>

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Maybe this will help: Using Lottie Animations through iFrames , ublik-om.net

Or this: How to Add Lottie Animations to a Website with HTML - LottieFiles

Thanks for the reply!
I checked the web page you shared.

Is the only way to do this is to insert <script> and <lottie-player>?
Is it possible to achieve this with <iframe>?
Due to limitations of the web service we are using, we cannot insert <script>.

In fact, until a few weeks ago, it was working with <iframe>. Suddenly, it stopped working, showing only the LottieFiles logo.

As you can see in the screenshot, I can output the <iframe> code, so it seems to be supported.


Oh wild. I wonder if it suddenly stopped working that maybe a permission got changed on the animation itself?

I just checked and it was displayed correctly.
I didn’t change anything.
Maybe it was a temporary problem.

Thanks for your help!