Must an animation be made 'public' to embed it?

Hi @lottiefiles,
I’ve made my first little animation, am proud of it, and want to show it in a Medium article.

I’ve noticed that the Medium platform plays Lottie animations ( I can just copy the URL and paste it into an article) but only from the ones shared with the Lottie community.

When I try to use my private sharing link to my own animation (which hasn’t been published) it doesn’t work - And Medium won’t use the embedded link either (I’m guessing since they have their own embedding stuff)

Do I need to ‘publish to the public’ for my animation to be embeddable?
Or is it because my animation is faulty? (It doesn’t preview properly on my phone, but I’m not worried about that for now, it’s just my first trial, and am happy it works on the web)

And also, how do I go about using my animations privately, even when I’ve learned how to make proper Lottie animations? I mean, do I have to host them somewhere else (like AWS or something) and link from there?

Am learning heaps and keep going back to the great courses by the way : )

Hey @ladoorakkers !

I’m not familiar with the Medium platform, but you shouldn’t need to make it public to post the animation somewhere. I think you need to embed the JSON information in the website correctly and it should be just fine. This guy’s tutorial shows how to embed a lottie with the code:

You don’t have to host the animations anywhere. You can share the private link with the handoff checkmark selected and you’ll be able to send them to anyone and they can download them and use them without them being public.

Thank you!
I thought I had responded earlier with a thank you,
but apparently, I needed more words in my response : )

The video is no good for Medium, but perfect for me to get my head around what it is I’m actually doing.
Thank you again,


@ladoorakkers did you find a way to do this?

Medium uses (I think; they used to, and then they aquired it) for their embed links and I don’t think it likes the URL’s on our private lottie animations.
I’ve tried uploading one to AWS then generating an embeddable link with the lottie generator, but didnt work out (couldnt get even get it to preview with the generator).

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