Cannot export to Lottie from Figma

I’ve done my prototype interaction on Figma. Because I want to use this animation on other document so I tried to export to Lottie. But whether I selected the flow I built or all the frames that compose the flow, it only appeared nothing and tell me that something may not render as expected without telling the specific problem sources. I felt so confused. :smiling_face_with_tear:
I tried different ways, such as explode all the components, hoping that could solve the problem, but didn’t help. if there’s any method that might change the situation I face, please give me some hints.

Kindly share Figma File, here.

Hey everyone,

If you are facing an issue to export Figma to Lottie, one potential issue to consider is that your animation might include elements or features that are not compatible with Lottie.

Please have a look at this supported feature list and see if you’ve incorporated any of these unsupported features: Figma to Lottie Supported Features

I would also recommend you to read through this article for useful tips and best practices to get better export results: Figma to Lottie - Best Practices

If you confirm that you haven’t used any unsupported features and are still encountering difficulties, could you please provide us with the Figma design file so that we can conduct a more thorough examination? You can share here or send the file to

I understand your concern about the Figma to Lottie export issue. As I’ve faced the same issue before.

Sorry to hear about the issue you’ve faced with Figma to Lottie export. If you need further assistance, please reach out to our Support Team: and share the Figma design file. It would greatly help us to better understand the issue.